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Church Space Study

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Project Details: Carlile Architects were engaged by Herscher Christian Church to undertake a study of the church's space utilization. The church is comprised of the original church building and a 4,800 square feet addition built in 2003.

Members expressed various concerns related to the organization of spaces, disjointed spatial relationship between similar events, building security, and the under- and over-utilization of spaces. A comprehensive report was issued providing several recommendations for enhancement of existing space, as well as renovation options that would maximize utilization of existing and proposed new space.

Project Year: 2016

Location: Herscher, IL

Scope: Space Utilization Study and Recommendations

About the Client: Herscher Christian Church is an independent Christian Church that is part of the Restoration Movement. Founded in 1978, their core congregation evolved from a home church to their current location at 30 Tobey Drive in Herscher, IL. In 2007, the church building was expanded to meet the needs of their growing congregation and centered on providing classrooms, worship space, and activity areas for all ages. The mission of their church is to model the New Testament founded on the principle that Jesus Christ is the son of God, and they are to evangelize, support the least of these, be a beacon of light in our community, and make future disciples. They strive to share God’s love with all people, everywhere.

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