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Church Space Study & Conceptualization

Greek Orthodox_edited.jpg
Greek Orthodox_edited.jpg

Project Details:  Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church, established in 1910 with an approximate area of 3,000 square feet, enlisted the services of Carlile Architects to conduct an analysis of the church's space utilization. The goal was to propose concepts that would create additional space and improve handicapped accessibility. Members had expressed concerns about the arrangement of spaces, the challenge faced by parishioners accessing the main worship space without stairs, the absence of sufficient gathering space, and the inadequacy of the kitchen facilities.

Following the study, a comprehensive report was issued, outlining various recommendations for optimizing the use of existing space. Additionally, three conceptual capital options were presented to address the identified concerns and enhance the overall functionality of the church.

Project Year: 2017

Location: Kankakee, IL

Scope: Space Utilization Study and Conceptualization with Recommendations

Greek Orthodox
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