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Foundation Office Build-Out

KCC Entry
KCC Foundation Office

Project Details: KCC contacted Carlile Architects to do an interior build-out of a former classroom and convert it into their new Foundation Office with new architectural components, furniture, and electrical service. Desiring a comfortable and welcoming location KCC desired to convert an existing classroom into their new office.  Carlile Architects was commissioned to provide an interior renovation to convert the classroom to the new office with design requirements establishing that the room should no longer look like a classroom or instructional space. 
Multiple design elements were utilized, including half walls, full height partitions, interior window systems, built-in casework, and various warm finishes to drastically change the look for the new space. Additionally, decorative pendant light fixtures were incorporated at a custom reception desk and conference area.  New floor and ceiling finishes were installed, and educational components removed.  Existing walls were provided with new finishes.  
The final result is a warm office environment that is comfortable and functional for client’s needs. 

Project Year: 2018

Location: Kankakee, IL 

Scope: Pre-Design, Documentation, Interior Design, and Administration

About the Client: Kankakee Community College (KCC) is a public community college in Kankakee, Illinois. KCC is accredited by the Commission on Institutions of Higher Education of the North Central Association of Colleges.

KCC Foundation Office_edited.jpg
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