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Airport Authority Roof Repairs

Kankakee Airport Roof Repairs_edited.png
Kankakee Airport Roof Repairs_edited.png
Kankakee Airport Roof Repairs_edited.jpg
Kankakee Airport Roof Repairs_edited.jpg

Project Details: Carlile Architects conducted a deficiencies report for the Kankakee Valley Airport Authority after water infiltration and thermal breaks were reported. After the report was completed on the 16,800-square-foot hangar building, Carlile Architects completed architectural design and development services for the roof system.

The previous roof system was a lap seam metal deck with a deck applied rubber coating and several skylights. Deficiencies were identified through site investigations with a thermal camera able to observe water intrusion through the roof assembly as well as trapped water in the interior insulation. Additional noted deficiencies included water trapped within skylight curbs and open roof seams.

Carlile Architects designed a repair to address the deficiencies including: installation of metal roof crickets with flashing and matching rubber roof coating on the high side of the raised skylight curbs to divert water away and seal open roof seams in addition to the removal of all wet and damaged insulation  identified through thermal breaks.

Project Year: 2015

Location: Kankakee, IL

Scope:  Pre-Design, Design Development, and Procurement.

About the Client: Greater Kankakee Airport is the largest airport serving the area south of Chicago, but is not part of Chicago airspace. The airport has two runways with the longest at 6000 feet, an instrumental landing system, and more than 120 hangars.

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