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Carlile Home & Property Services can assist you whether you're buying, selling, or maintaining real estate. A property inspection by one of our licensed inspectors is aimed at assessing the condition and functionality of a property and providing  you with the information you need to make reliable purchasing decisions.










EVALUATING conditions

8 out of 10 buyers order an inspection as part of the contract negotiations. They understand that having as much information as possible can reduce stress and provide direction on future maintenance plan.


Even if you are familiar with the real estate in industry and perform a thorough walk through

of your prospective property, it can be easy to see things through "rose-colored glasses".

After all, this may be the single largest investment of your life. An unbiased and objective property inspection report not only saves you time, it gives you and concise checklist of information regarding your home or commercial property and an understanding  of current condition of major systems. 

OFFERING peace of mind

Carlile Group offers a full range of property inspection services to both

residential and commercial clients including:

  • Real Estate Transaction Inspections

  • New home construction inspections

  • Multi-Family and condominium inspections

  • Commercial inspections

  • Construction draw inspections

  • Moisture intrusion investigation

  • Pre-listing inspections

  • Builder's warranty inspection



Infrared imaging, or thermography, utilizes an Infrared camera to detect and record heat energy readings across surfaces in homes or commercial properties. These images, depicting variations in temperature through colors or shades of gray, assist certified professionals in identifying issues like moisture, temperature differences, or other anomalies, providing valuable insights for further inspection and intervention.

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Temperature changes across surfaces as read by the infrared camera and interpreted by the inspector along with other clues can indicate:

  • Safety concerns

  • Moisture problems

  • Developing leaks in the roof, plumbing, etc.

  • Rodent or pest infestation

  • Storm damage

  • Areas of missing insulation 

  • And more

Carlile Group Inspectors have the training and expertise necessary to accurately interpret Infrared images and pinpoint problem areas in your home or building. At the conclusion of the inspection, you will receive a report with an explanation of findings, complete with Infrared and digital photos. 




Carlile Group performed our home inspection and radon test. He was very thorough and willing to answer any questions we had. We had our written report that evening! He did a great job and was so pleasant to work with.


Carlile Group was our inspector along a radon test. They all were very profession and had lots of good information for us! They welcomed any questions and allowed us to follow them around and showed us anything they found! Would absolutely recommend their services!


I'm more than happy with the services I received from Carlile. The inspection was thorough and informational. Carlile Group was very easy to understand and explained each item at length, even asking if I had any questions on each matter. I would use Carlile again for all my inspection needs.


The Carlile Group team is very thorough, and professional. They are very honest, and they will tell you what they feel during the inspection process. They do not sugar coat anything. I have had (2) homes inspected by the Carlile Group, this will not change in the future. Big thanks to the Carlile Group in making the process so easy for us!

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