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Bungalow Vertical Addition

Bungalow Exterior After_edited.png
Bungalow Kitchen_edited.png

Project Details: Carlile Group was contracted to design and construct a new second-story addition to an existing bungalow in Riverside, IL.

Providing an elevator with access to all three levels was one of the main goals of the project. The home was additionally renovated throughout and the usable square footage was doubled.  At the request of the client, the project included a rendering of the design to visualize the final product.

Project Year: 2016

Location: Riverside, IL

Scope: Pre-Design, Design Development, and Documentation.

Bungalow Elevator_edited.png
Bungalow Interior_edited.jpg
Bungalow Rendering_edited.jpg
Bungalow Exterior Before 2_edited_edited
Bungalow Before_edited.jpg
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