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D E S I G N I N G  P O S S I B I L I T I E S



Carlile Group building and science professionals specialize in the inspection of residential and commercial buildings.  All the elements of a "Building Envelope" are evaluated. This includes but is not limited to Roofs, Walls, Foundations and their component parts.

When Carlile Group does an evaluation of your home's performance, we check for three basic conditions: Efficiency, Health and Comfort

1.  We assess how EFFICIENT the home is.  By helping the homeowner identify areas that can be improved which creates a more energy-efficient home that reduces wasted energy and saves you money each month.

2. We identify areas that may compromise the HEALTH of you and your family.

3. We identify means of providing a more COMFORT-able living space. Using thermal imaging and blower doors to detect drafty areas, excessive temperature fluctuations and possible moisture infiltration issues.

At the conclusion of the Building Envelope inspection you are provided with a detailed report and recommendations. We will also work with you to find qualified Home performance contractors to conduct the upgrades.


Why pay excessive energy bills just because you don’t know where to start to improve your homes energy performance? We are proud to provide home energy assessments which will help you identify areas for improvement to reduce energy costs in your home.  We use state of the art equipment such as Thermal Imaging Cameras, Blower Doors and Duct Blasters, to help identify areas targeted for improvement.


Our home energy assessments are designed to do two things for the home owner. One is to provide you with the information needed to improve your homes performance when it comes to energy consumption and associated costs. The other is to help you improve the overall performance of your home to provide a more comfortable, healthier and more affordable home.


A Home Energy Assessment will identify problems directly related to energy loss; such as inadequate or missing insulation, air infiltration, inefficient heating and cooling systems, windows, and solar gain.  Other areas such as improper ventilation will be identified which is a safety and health issue because of the potential for mold growth and moisture damage to building materials. These areas are often identified in homes as excessive humidity and condensation present.  Our Building Performance Specialists have extensive training and experience in identifying these conditions, evaluating and providing you with a comprehensive report and suggested prioritized list of repairs.


Your performance specialist will utilize state of the art equipment to pinpoint problems.  Blower doors will be used to depressurize your home and then the interior and exterior will be scanned with a thermal imaging camera. We will be able to visually see the air infiltration around windows, doors, cantilevered areas and many other places throughout the home.  The thermal camera will also detect improper or inadequate insulation.  Thermal images will be placed within the report alongside digital pictures to depict the exact location of noted issues.

Many issues identified as problem areas can be corrected by simple sealing/caulking and can be completed by the home owner. Other repairs may require upgrading of building components and professional installation, but all repairs will deliver a cost savings year after year for as long as you own the house.

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