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Carlile Group | Building Services
St. Anne, Illinois


The Carlile Group is a professional architectural, inspection, and property management firm serving Northeastern Illinois.  Our local, diverse, and experienced team of professionals are ready to assist building owners, homebuyers, property managers, and civic leaders identify opportunities to create, maintain, and enhance our built infrastructure.  

From architectural design, planning, and documentation to home and property inspections, our firm has spent 25 years earning the trust of our clients.  

How can we help you achieve your real estate related and building capital goals?

Architecture is more than drafting. Design is the process of achieving clients' goals through a logical systematic process while considering important factors, such as, space planning, spatial relationships, and continuity. 

Inspections provide a means of capturing baseline condition evaluations to promote a logical and thoughtful environment for real estate transactions and peace of mind.

Environmental considerations related to our built environment are increasingly important to owners, tenant and users. Building and environmental safety is paramount to successfully inhabiting users.

Housing needs are fundamentally different based on owner's age, family planning, usage, site considerations, and aesthetic appeal. One-size-fits-all formats require sacrifices. Home Design and planning is an important aspect prior to construction.

Our history is largely remembered by the built environment. Preservation and restoration of historical buildings retains cultural significance across decades. Restoration and preservation of this building stock often impacts the environment the least.

Managing and maintaining real property is a resource and demanding undertaking for owners. Carlile Group offers Property Management services for commercial and residential property owners; allowing property owners to focus on building their portfolio.

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