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I was turned onto Doug Patt, and his series "How to Architect" for some time. If I remember correctly, the title of his series caught my eye because of the use of the word architect as a verb. Typically, that is something that the Information Technology field does since they hijacked the term architect, so I made an assumption that his series was just another blasphemous use of the term architect. (more on my rage about this atrocity later). You can find Mr. Patt's website and a plethora of information related to architecture HERE Not only does he do a spectacular job of narrating his videos revolving around the architectural profession, but he clearly has a talent for editing them to make them engaging and interesting for people outside the profession looking in. On the date of my birth a couple of years ago, my wife was excited to give me a book that she had found at the local bookstore. I was unaware that Mr. Patt was also into publishing! The book was titled to match the rest of his series, and I immediately dove in. To be honest, from my perspective, there is not much to learn with Mr. Patt's architectural information. Most of what is touched on revolves around the basics of architecture. What it takes to be an architect, what architects do, even how to write like an architect. Clearly, this is all information I am keenly aware of. Nonetheless, the presentation of information is quite appealing, so much so that I am subscribed to his youtube channel.

To say the least, I was delighted today to find out that I am not the only one who has taken notice to Mr. Pratt's excellent work. The American Institute of Architects has started to utilize his talents in promotional and informational videos published by the organization. Today, I came across the first video which is clearly endorsed by the AIA, and have to say that their involvement didn't take away from the familiarity of the "How to Architect" types series. I wanted to post this video on our blog as I think that others will appreciate the work of Mr. Pratt as endorsed by the AIA. Enjoy!



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